.ni Domain Info

IDN capable: No

Registration Period: 1-10 year(s)

Autorenew Grace Period: None
Autorenew Order Period: 40 days prior to Expiry

Deletion Timeframe: 7 days after expiration date

Registration Time: Non-realtime, up to 7 working days

Registry Updates: Non-realtime, up to 6 week(s)

WHOIS-Server: No
WHOIS-Privacy: No

Registry: FTLD


Character Limit: 3-63

Allowed Characters: Letters and numbers. - Hyphens are allowed but not before or after the domain name. 

Fulfillment TLD
FTLD: fulfilment TLDs are registered through a manual registration process that might involve documents, depending on respective registry regulations, and are therefore not automated for real-time registrations and real-time updates. Updates might cause additional costs. 

  • Email, SSL
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